Crafting a fine art editorial shoot

- jen huang , Wedding photographer



Jen Huang


Master editorial fine-art shoots with Jen Huang

Jen Huang is known for her elegant, delicate approach to photography and she is sought after for her editorial work. In this class we’ll accompany her through a beautiful editorial shoot in the Scottish highlands, and learn how she plans a shoot, how to work with other vendors to create something unique, and how she builds the shoot from shooting the stationary to scouting and working with the model.

If you want to learn how to prepare and shoot an editorial, come learn from one of the best: Jen Huang.

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Start with the concept

Why film

Master flat lay tablescapes

Working with a team

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Plan for success

Shooting time

Working with a team


Jen will teach you how to plan an editorial shoot from the beginning, understanding the concept, and setting up for success.

You'll accompany Jen in her shoot in the highlands, and will learn how to create and shoot a flat lay tablescape, the importance of details in the whole story, and the reasons behind her gear of choice and why shooting film.

You'll learn from Jen how to work with a model, how to team up with other vendors, and practical details like how to work around bad weather or how to bring the landscape into a bridal fashion shoot.

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