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Learning from each other can help us deliver a better product to our clients. Supporting each other can help us enjoy life through all of its seasons. We offer you the space to do just that! Online courses, conferences, meetups, talks and discussions regarding topics that go from pricing and entrepreneurship to mental health and parenthood.
You’ve probably come here to invest in your professional well being. We encourage you to go even further and connect with the community!

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In a world of individualism and competition, the fast-shifting demands for creativity and originality can drive us in a constant struggle to stand out.

Working out a path to get out there, on our own, can become really exhausting. The future might suddenly seem a bit unnerving. We are here to help you share your knowledge, earn money and increase your reach and following.

Creators are the backbone of our platform. They’re the teachers, educators, and leaders. While we provide the space to support others, it’s their craft, knowledge and experience that will give our community members the tools they need to become better artists and reach success like the teachers did before them.


One of the most important principles we want to stick to as a community is giving back to those in need. The world we live in offers us plenty of opportunities, while to others it offers only limitations. We are free to be creative, travel, meet people, grow together and build a successful career, while others are forced into poverty, solitude, sickness and no prospects for a better life. We believe it is in our power, as individuals, to bring balance into society and this is why we want to make it our culture to be givers, by donating 5% of every sale on the website to charity. In other words, with every class you purchase from Aeon you will helping one of our causes.