How I Create My Images

- sean flanigan , Wedding photographer




Sean Flanigan


59 min

An inside-out photoshoot with of one of pioneers in the wedding photography industry.

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In this class Sean Flanigan will show you the whole process of how he creates his images on a shoot with a real couple. From planning the shoot, preparing the client, choosing the best light, posing, documenting real moments, to the final edit of the images. Grab your pen and paper and be ready to get to know the tips and tricks to work with a couple, to create magic even when weather surprises you.

Planning a shoot

Making outstanding images

Connecting with your clients


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Getting close and personal

Plan the shoot

Refining your images


Sean will teach you all you need to know to plan a succesful shoot and what to look for in a location as well as finding the best light once you're on set.

The importance of meeting and interacting with the clients in order to get access and getting up close and personal. Also how to make your couple feel comfortable.

Sean will show you how he edits his photos to achieve his signature final look.

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