Conceptional Storytelling

- jeNNIFER MOHER, Wedding photographer




Jennifer Moher


1:05 h

How to come up with and execute a meaningful concept for a storytelling couples session

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Follow Jennifer along on the planning and execution of a meaningful couples session. Get inside of Jennifers mind as she delves into the ideas of metaphor within her sessions and how she utilizes moodboards to help communicate her ideas.

Meaningful concept for a storytelling couples session

How to communicate with the couple

Curation and editing process in Lightroom

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Plan the shoot

During the session

Curating & Editing


Coming up with a concept and collabo-rating with the client, through conversation and moodboards to make sure both photog and client are on the same page.

The actual session, how to communicate with the couple, the shooting process, and how the session is paced to effectively tell a story.

The curation and editing process in Lightroom, including the building of the story during post processing.

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