The Only Lens You Need for Weddings!

Close-up of a bride and groom kissing, with the bride's detailed lace sleeve in focus, showcasing 'The Only Lens You Need for Weddings' in a photography gear guide.

Short answer: You need a fast 35mm lens to photograph weddings. Detailed answer:¬†Using various focal lengths on the wedding day is generally sensible, as different subjects require different lenses. However, you could have photographed a wedding, from getting dressed to the party, with just a 35mm lens. The question is, should we use a few or […]

Better Group Photos as a Wedding Photographer

Black and white group photo of a joyful wedding party outside a church, enhancing techniques for better group photos in photography portfolios.

Group photos unfairly suffer from a bad reputation. Yes, we, too, were arrogant enough to assume that group photos were beneath us. We placed little value on these photos and always tried to get this part of the wedding over quickly. Group photos are only sometimes a creative challenge. But it depends on what you […]